Increase your income

Increase your income

Easy booking management

for high-load restaurants on iPad

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Take full control of booking management

Modern booking management app for your restaurant. Checked by long time work in high-load places. Fast and stable

Work on any iOS device

You can work on many iOS devices at the same time.

Real-time data

All data is synced between all your devices in real time.

Stable availability 99.97%

And very fast technical support if something went wrong. Your business will not have to stop.

Receive bookings with a widget on your site

Place the RoboHost widget on your restaurant website and receive booking requests from your guests even after business hours.

The availability of the booking time is displayed according to the occupancy of your tables on the selected date and time.

Get bookings from Google

Reserve button in search results or map

Your guests will be able to book tables from your restaurant card in Google Search and Google Maps

Booking requests are sent to the Robohost app

A restaurant host can create bookings based on booking requests or refuse

Automatic or manual request confirmation​

The auto-confirmation can optimally place reservation requests on available tables. Or you can confirm requests manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RoboHost have an android app or web app?

No. The RoboHost only has an iOS app designed for iPad. You can run the app on your iPhone too, but it will not be so usable for main host workplace. We recommend to have at least one iPad device for main host workplace and use iPhone devices for rest of purposes.

Does the app work without internet connection?

You can view all your bookings in the app even if the internet connection is lost. However, an internet connection is required to create a new booking or edit an existing one. For stable work with the app, you should have a permanent connection to the Internet.

How is RoboHost different from other similar apps?

RoboHost is simpler than most of similar apps and usable for the most high load restaurants. RoboHost won’t bring you new customers (as OpenTable or Yelp) but help take maximum profit from your current customer flow. So if you often have more customers than you can host, contact support to enable especially features for increase your income.

Do I have to pay for RoboHost?

No. You can use free plan. But if you need extended features you can choose extended plan and pay.

Does Robohost have integrations with POS-systems?

Yes. Contact support to find out if your POS system is integrated with RoboHost.

Manage bookings better today